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Photohop is proud to be the first Fine Art Printer in North America to participate in the ArtSure digital print certification program; the only truly independent quality assurance scheme for certifying digital prints.

Since 1847, the Fine Art Trade Guild has been the leading print registration authority. Their certification process is among the most valued and respected by generations of print collectors.

ArtSure gives consumers reassurance of print quality plus traceability to help prevent fraud and copyright infringement.

Since digital inkjet printing has become widespread, it is now easier for people with little understanding of print quality, longevity issues and colour values to produce what look like fine art prints. However, poor quality prints may not stand the test of time.

Normally, when a sheet of paper or canvas is taken from a pack or a roll and an image printed on it, all identification of the paper and the inks is left behind.

A buyer of the print has to rely on the information that is provided to them by the retailer.

The ArtSure scheme focuses on the quality of inks and papers. Buyers choosing a digital fine art print from an ArtSure participant and, an edition registered on the ArtSure database can be confident of the quality of the inks and papers used in its production.

Only Guild members can participate in the ArtSure Certification Program.

As a Guild member, Photohop has pledged to abide by the Guild’s code of ethics. Buyers can be confident of the ArtSure scheme’s integrity at every stage.

Each print edition has an ArtSure registration number related to it. This number must appear might on the print and the Certificate of Authenticity. Print buyers are encouraged to look for the ArtSure logo and the print edition registration number along with the Certificate of Authenticity.

Will an ArtSure registration mean my print is more valuable than one without registration? No registration can make a print more valuable. However, ArtSure registration gives you, and any future owner, assurance that the print was produced using proven quality inks and paper.

Contact us to learn more about the ArtSure Limited Edition, Certification Program.

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