About Photohop Digital Imaging Inc.

Our custom photographic printing, art framing studio, and, online gallery follows the highest standards set down by the Fine Art Trade Guild to produce images of the finest quality.

Photohop provides individual care and attention when handling and processing your digital photographic images. Our skilled craftsmen bring you the best in digital artistry including colour management, colour enhancement, restoration and retouching.

As an ArtSure participant, consumers can be confident that the quality of the inks, papers and canvas used in the production of your photographic, fine art print meet the industry gold standards for permanence and longevity.

The Inspiration Behind Photohop

About "Fred" the man.

Frederick James Tenute was a masterful photographer who was passionate about his craft right up until his passing at 91 years of age.

While serving as a Battery Sergeant Major with the 5th Canadian Army, 22nd Royal Anti-Tank Regiment, Fred was initially stationed in England. Shortly after arriving he met his future bride and lifelong companion, Dorothy Evelyn Maskell of Brighton. As a wedding gift, Dorothy bought Fred an Agfa folding, roll film camera known as a "Billy Speedex". With all the uncertainties of war, the camera recorded their most cherished moments together. Soon after, Fred's regiment was sent to the Italian “theater”. It was here and throughout the duration of the bloody European campaign that the camera took on a profound meaning and became an influence that would last a lifetime.

Photohop's Dedication and Commitment

Inspired by Fred's passion for photography, Photohop was born out of the passion to preserve your most cherished memories and images using the best quality products available.  Photohop is dedicated to helping you keep life’s most cherished moments beautifully preserved.

Photohop, the art of preserving moments in time

About the Founders

Photohop is the collaborative effort of James Tenute and Cindy Woodman. Together they bring their brand of passion and creative style that makes Photohop a unique photographic fine art printing boutique, dedicated to the art of preserving your memories. 

Legal Description

Photohop is a custom, large format, digital photo and fine art printer, art framing studio, and online gallery. Photohop Digital Imaging Inc., was incorporated in the Province of Alberta, Canada on April 14, 2011, and is governed by the Alberta Business Corporations Act. Photohop.ca is a Copyright of Photohop Digital Imaging Inc. and herein is referred to as Photohop.

Introducing “Fred” the frog

Fred the frog, serves as a joyful reminder to always look on the brighter side of life and to keep life's most cherished moments out in front and never forgotten.

Fred the Frog

Photohop Digital Imaging Inc.,

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Frederick J. Tenute

When I looked through the lens, I chose to see the beauty of life and not the atrocities of war. Focusing on the splendour versus the ugliness of my surroundings kept me sane at a time of great insanity. Photography served as my constant reminder of all that was right with the world.

— Frederick J. Tenute BSM

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