Canvas Prints

Canvas prints of the highest quality

Whether you are wanting a photo or art reproduction canvas print, we use only the highest quality certified archival grade canvas. Our canvas is acid and OBA (Optical Brightening Agents) free. The canvas has the look and feel of traditional artist canvas with the added benefit of being more consistent in base colour and texture.

Direct to Canvas Printing

We print your photos or art work directly onto the canvas using UltraChrome® K3 inks. This process, also known as Giclée, produces a better image resolution and is more durable than canvas transfer prints.


Choose from any one of these three popular styles:

  • Premium Gallery Wrap: the edges of the canvas are printed, then the image is stretched over 1½" stretcher bars and stapled on the back for display without an additional frame.
  • Standard Gallery Wrap: the image is stretched over ¾" stretcher bars and stapled on the back.  The staples are covered with black or white linen tape.  This format may be hung as is, or placed within a decorative frame.
  • Un-stretched: if you are undecided as to how you want to display your print, this option is ideal for you. It is also an easy and affordable format for shipping.

Mulnomah Falls

Types of Canvas Styles

Edge Effects

 Canvas Image Wrap Image Wrap: the image is centered, and the outer edges of the image wrap around the wooden frame. Make sure that there is plenty of "non-essential" background as a portion of the image will wrap around the sides of the frame. 
Canvas Mirror Wrap Mirrored Edge: the outer edge of the image wraps around the sides of the wooden frame and reflects the outermost edge of the displayed image. Our most popular option.
Canvas Solid Wrap Solid edge: the wrapped sides of the image appear as a solid colour with black or white being the most frequently requested. Solid edges can lend a more contemporary look to an image.



Protective Finishes 

Our Lyve® photo canvas prints are given the added protection of an environmentally friendly UV liquid satin varnish. A satin varnish leaves a beautiful low-gloss finish reminiscent of an oil painting. Varnish provides the best possible protection from scratches, fluctuations in moisture and most importantly, the sun's harmful UV rays.

Let it Breath

Canvas, being a woven fabric, expands and contracts with the changes in temperature and humidity. It needs to breathe. Covering the back of a canvas image may interfere with this process, so we leave the backs of our canvas prints open to allow for proper air circulation.

Pickup available for Calgary and area orders but, we ship anywhere in Canada and the US. 

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