A look at Mobile or Tablet Devices November 13, 2015 13:30

Parry Sound photographed with iPhone

Making Prints From Mobile Devices

Thanks to the advancements in today's smartphones and tablets, you can now make some great prints of candid moments that will last a lifetime. The result depends on the sensor size or megapixel rating, the aperture and focusing capabilities.

If you are planning to produce a print from either your smartphone or tablet, it is recommended that you do not enhance the image by using manipulation software downloaded onto the device. While suited for enhancing an image to be viewed on your tablet or smartphone, they are not ideally suited for producing print quality files. Most of the smart apps available for enhancing pictures on mobile devices quite often introduce unwanted artifacts and lead to over sharpening, produce noise and cause image degradation. We strongly suggest that prior to using any of the smart photo enhancing apps or features, you turn "auto-enhance" off and make a copy of the image preserving its native state.

Smart Tablets and Phones

Smart Tablet Rear Camera Max Print Size @ 180 ppi (approx.)
Apple iPad Pro 8 megapixel 13.6 × 18.1"
Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 8 megapixel 13.6 × 18.1"
Samsung Galaxy 12.2 Pro 8 megapixel 13.6 × 18.1"
Blackberry Playbook 5 megapixel 10.7 × 14.2"
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 5 megapixel 10.7 x 14.2"

Smart Phone Rear Camera Max Print Size @ 180 ppi (approx.)
Apple iPhone 6S 12 megapixel 22.2 × 16.6"
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 16 megapixel 19.2× 25.6"
Sony Xperia Z3 20 megapixel 20.8 × 27.7"
HTC One E8 13 megapixel 17 × 22"
Nokia Lumia 1020 38.2 megapixel 39.7 x 29.8"