Turn around time & Shipping

What is Photohop's standard turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies by product, ranging from as little as three days up to 15 business days. Same-day production turnaround time is not available for our products as they require at least 24 hours to gas off. Before ordering, check the turnaround option for the specific product that interests you in the table below. Also, you should contact us directly to ensure that your turnaround time will not be impacted by any upcoming holiday.  We always try our best to get your print done sooner if we can.

Product Working Days
Metal, Wood, Plexiglass 10 - 15
Photo Plaques 7 - 10
Canvas Streched 7 - 10
Canvas unstretched 3 - 5
Photo Prints 3 - 5
Custom Framing 7 - 10


Turnaround time for your print job begins once your order has been placed, and your print-ready files have been uploaded, attached, received and approved. If you ordered a proof, your turnaround begins when we receive approval for your proof.

If your job or proof is approved by 4 pm Mountain Time (7 pm Atlantic, 6 pm Central and 3 pm Pacific ), turnaround time begins the following business day. For example, a job that has a three-day turnaround that was received by 1 pm Tuesday will be shipped out to you by the end of business Friday.

Please note that Photohop production facilities are closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. As a result, these days are not considered when calculating turnaround time.

Also, due to circumstances beyond our control, turnaround time does not include shipping time, and you should allow a minimum of 3 to 7 additional business days for delivery based on your geographical location and the shipping method Photohop has selected which is primarily Canada Post.

It's important to keep in mind that several factors could impact the turnaround time such as:

  • Your files haven't been properly submitted to Photohop.
  • Your files are not print-ready
  • Approval for your proof (if applicable) has not been received by Photohop in a timely fashion.
  • Mechanical / technological disruptions
  • Material is out of stock, back ordered or discontinued.

Photohop will make every effort to notify you promptly of any issues that may be preventing us from beginning your job. For example, if we identify during the preflighting stage that your files are not print-ready, we will send you an email notification or, call you to advise you of the situation.

Photohop cannot guarantee turnaround time. While Photohop strives to meet turnaround commitments for every job, production and shipping delays may occur that are beyond our control. If Photohop cannot deliver on a turnaround commitment, Photohop will notify you and give you the option to cancel the order. In situations where the original order clearly states that the job is time sensitive and that the item cannot be shipped by the requested date, you will have the option to cancel the order without penalty.

Please note that Photohop assumes no responsibility for shipping delays caused by delivery carriers or any damages resulting from the failure to receive a job on time. Our expected arrival date is an estimate only. As a result, Photohop can not be held responsible for delivery delays once your job leaves our facility.

To minimize shipping delays, we have selected Canada Post as our preferred shipping partner, and we will make every effort to work with you to ensure your job arrives on time.

We make it our top priority to meet your turnaround expectations, and we will make every effort to work with you after your order has been placed to achieve your target turnaround time. However, it is essential that you work with us to help accomplish this by making certain that:

  • Your files have been submitted and received by Photohop
  • Your files are print-ready
  • Your proof (if applicable) has been approved promptly
  • We also encourage you to READ the Order form closely and be certain that you have selected the right product and materials, and, provide us with the correct information to correspond directly with you such as emails, or other means of communications.


Can I pick-up my order?

Yes, we will notify you when your order is ready for pick-up. Orders will be ready for pick-up at the end of business day on the target due date unless otherwise arranged.